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Gated offers are targeted, gated promotions designed for members of a particular group based on their occupation, life stage or affiliation, such as “college student” or “member of the military.” And in this case TEACHERS!

  • Teachers: The U.S. has 4.8 million teachers who spend $1.5B out-of-pocket annually on school supplies. According to our recent survey, 88 percent say they actively search for exclusive teacher discounts for both classroom supplies and personal items, and 83 percent said they would chose a retailer that offered a teacher discount over one that didn’t. 

who has access to these special offers?

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When you restrict something of value, fraudsters will inevitably try to take advantage of it. Most brands experience discount abuse between 30-35 percent – which ranges from malicious abuse to consumers belief that taking advantage of an exclusive offer is a little “white lie” (e.g. the so-called student who still has an .edu email address though she graduated years ago.)


Gated vs. Ungated Exclusive Offers

What is the difference?

It is common practice to promote a sale or special offering as “exclusive”, but this benefit exists in name only. When an “exclusive” offer is ungated, customers outside the exclusive group often wrongfully take advantage of the offer. Offers that are truly exclusive are gated to ensure that only qualified buyers can redeem them. Shoppers access gated offers through a verification process in which they must provide personal information in order to redeem the offer.

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Gated offers, can also be a highly effective and inexpensive driver of new customer acquisition. For example, teachers go out of their way to shop at brands that have exclusive offers for them and they share the offers broadly within their network.

Are these real offers? Can anyone get them?

You must be a Teacher or Support Staff

Fraud is a legitimate concern surrounding exclusive discounts. Many companies find that customers and employees take advantage of exclusive discounts they may not qualify for. Allowing consumers to redeem an exclusive offer they’re not eligible for not only impacts retailers margins, it also lessens the appeal of the offer to the intended audience and makes them feel less sought after or special.

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Gain Trust

One reason gated offers are so popular is that they’re truly exclusive, which is essential to the success of the offer and the company providing it. When shoppers know a brand allowed an “exclusive” offer to be wrongfully redeemed, they lose trust in the brand. Verifying a shopper’s eligibility increases the integrity of the offer in the eyes of consumers.

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Loyal Customers

 Gated offers, while typically thought of as a conversion tool, can also be a valuable driver of new customer acquisition. That true exclusivity is at the heart of why gated offers work: they tap into a deep sense of tribal belonging that makes members of the target group feel honored and special. And rewarding shoppers for who they are motivates conversion, inspires loyalty, and sets a brand apart.


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Targeting customers with gated offers has a host of benefits, as explained above, but none of them will materialize if the offer quality is low. Even with good intentions, a 5 percent reduction on a full price order can have the opposite effect and make military or teacher customers feel undervalued and insulted.

In a survey of nearly 538 U.S. teachers, 87 percent said an offer of 25 percent or above would get their attention. According to one teacher who took part in the survey: “If it’s just a measly 10 percent, I actually think it is so little as to be insulting to the financial duress teachers are under.” Unconditional free shipping is also viewed very favorably, with 90 percent of teachers indicating they would likely make a purchase. 

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