Ten days later, I met with Small Dog’s top dog – the decision maker, the one I really had to convince. I told her the story of I Love Teachers from the beginning, along with everything that had happened in Arizona just over a week ago.

I wonder what she thought of me. Small Dog had just barely launched my site, the one they partially donated and rushed to complete. And here I was, adding a level of complexity that would likely require a whole team of programmers, scriptwriters, and designers—along with a totally revamped platform that could grow as businesses and teachers were added. Plus, I didn’t just want the site to include K-12 teachers anymore. What about counselors, principals, administrators, private school teachers, college professors? All of them shape our children and help form the future leaders of tomorrow. The site I now envisioned had to be big and extraordinary, with plenty of room to grow as the movement took off.

Miraculously, Small Dog’s executive was totally on board. She saw what I saw, and what I’ve made my goal to help everyone see – that teachers are worth helping and supporting. Everyone deserves to be able to show their gratitude for the teachers who made them who they are today. Every business deserves the joy of giving back, and the added benefit of new business and fair feedback. And every teacher deserves the honor and respect of society.

Adding the Report Card element to the site really strengthened the symbiotic relationship between business owners and teachers. When more teachers frequent a business, that business has more information to measure and monitor their business. In order to get more teachers to use their business, that business needs to offer something special to get them in the door. Better offers lead to more report cards, which leads to stronger grades, which leads to more value added to all consumers.

I Love Teachers puts teachers in a position of respect, where their opinion and experience genuinely matter and affect the public. It rewards them and lifts them up to where they belong. We as a society owe so much to teachers – now, we can both show appreciation for them and give them a chance to provide even more value to the public by using their grading skills.

Going forward, I Love Teachers plans to offer sweepstakes giving teachers the chance to win vacations and other incredible prizes donated by businesses. I Love Teachers will also offer scholarship opportunities to current students who wish to become teachers, as well as financial support for teachers in need and their families.

From humble beginnings, I Love Teachers is now weeks away from going nationwide with over 1.38 million national offers and benefits to teachers. We are constantly working to improve the lives of teachers everywhere and we are committed to growing our reach. We and businesses everywhere, big and small, are doing our part to show teachers nationwide how much we love them.