Once the site was underway, all I had left to do was spread the word about I Love Teachers. I reached out to numerous local businesses to help them see why offering discounts to the city’s valued teachers was such a good idea.

To start, I called a local auto shop that maintains my trucks for my pest control business. I met with the owner and started to tell him why I’m trying to help teachers. I didn’t even get halfway through my story before he was moved to tears and asked me how he could help, too. He told me about a teacher that had tirelessly, selflessly helped his son with special needs, and how he’d never be able to repay her for the good she did as long as he lived.

I suggested that he offer a special discount to teachers. I wanted to see if what happened with No Bugs was an isolated event. He agreed to offer a free oil change and tire rotation to all teachers, and I agreed to help advertise it on our new I Love Teachers Facebook page.

The ad went viral. In only a matter of days, it got nearly 20,000 views and a flood of referrals. Not only were teachers getting free oil changes and tire rotations, but also regular work for this auto shop greatly increased too – a total win/win…

I felt encouraged and excited. So many people wanted to show their support for teachers! I thought I’d try again.

I visited the owner of a locally-owned Pita Pit franchise and related my experience. He was moved to offer free lunch to teachers. Again, in just days the response was overwhelming. Teachers were rewarded and honored. Regular business for Pita Pit increased. Another win/win!

That’s when I knew that my experience at No Bugs wasn’t unique. Both other businesses experienced the same results as I did – overwhelming public support and the glowing pride of giving back to teachers… 

I started getting the word out to many other local businesses via social media, newspaper ads, videos, and phone calls. I wasn’t content with the success we’d seen; I wanted to completely rearrange our culture until teachers everywhere enjoyed a new level of public respect and recognition.