FAQs from our Business Partners

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We will accept donations for the production and management of I love teachers, however, we cannot donate on your behalf. It violates our founding principle that there’s more happiness in giving than receiving and it does not belong to us to take that happiness away from you. 

There is a small one time start-up fee and a small monthly fee to cover the maintenance of our site. 

What you give and when you give is entirely up to you. You’ll have full control of all your offerings. We firmly believe it does not belong to us to dictate nor control your discounted or donated services as these genuinely come from your sense of appreciation for our wonderful teachers. 

No we understand that things come up in business and you have to adjust accordingly?

Yes, there is advertising within the site that is included with all of our partnerships. We do have additional programs for business that would like to be in front of the teachers more often. 

Yes when you refer three other businesses that become partners we’ll credit your account 4 months for each business.

Yes, all of our partners receive store front as well as countertop signage to communicate that you support local teachers to not only the teachers but also the community?

Unlike other websites, we believe in complete transparency. The customer is not always right, the business is not always wrong.  We realize that misunderstandings happen in business. We are fair to the teachers and fair to the businesses. Each case is dealt with independently by moderators who own businesses themselves. 



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