Frequently Asked Questions

I Love Teachers is a premier membership-based site, offer exclusive benefits from our business partners to you. A Teacher membership is $6, and Support Staff membership is $10. 

Our site and the benefits offered by our business partners are specifically designed for working teachers, and support staff. 

Teachers are always teachers. It’s unfortunate that we get injured and sick, but that doesn’t change who you are. If you’re on maternity leave then we especially want to take care of you!

The membership application requires you to upload proof your a teacher, or support staff. This proof may be a school photo ID, pay stub, letter form the school, or a business card with your name on it.

These benefits are for those teachers who have sacrificed so much to give to our children for the purpose of education; therefore, these benefits are reserved solely for our teachers and support staff. 

We really care about protecting our teachers. We also care about the reputation of our business partners, which is why we have always had an open door policy. We’d love to know your thoughts and feelings on all your interactions with our partners, whether favorable or unfavorable, please send us an email so we may contact you Support@ILoveTeachers.com

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