As generous as that was, her edits weren’t the biggest contribution Jennifer ended up making to I Love Teachers. By just being herself and doing what every true teacher does, she added a whole new level to our site and what it can offer teachers and businesses.

We didn’t have a whole lot of content for Jennifer to edit, but she gave it all a professional touch. She emailed the word document to me with all of the corrections marked in red—classic teacher move, right? At the top was a grade: C-!

It was a cute joke, but also, reality. I loved it. Jennifer graded my work on a fair scale – the number of words and the number of corrections made produced an overall grade. I saw that the answer to a huge problem facing all businesses across America…

What if every teacher who visited our site and accepted an offer could give the business a calculated letter grade in exchange for their generosity? It’s something teachers are great at – they’re professional graders!

Each report card would be based on customer service, delivering a fair overall letter grade based on the business’s strengths and weaknesses. It would be a way to provide clear, professional feedback to businesses on a positive basis. And grades wouldn’t have to be permanent – like in school, businesses could work to get their grades up if their performance was shown to be subpar.

In contrast to Yelp’s unclear, unchecked, and permanent reviewing process, we now had a superior system that would be fully transparent, professional, and constructive.

With Jennifer’s help, I now had a few new tasks: to get every business in America to jump on board, place them into one of sixteen business categories on our site, assign a report card to each business for the teachers to grade, and assemble the results of each report card in a transparent way to produce a clear overall grade. I needed Small Dog’s help once again.