Businesses Love I Love Teachers

When business themselves offer their own services or products, they experience the joy of giving to those who helped them get where they are today! 


YOU – THE BUSINESS! Because of your decision to partner with I Love Teachers, your business will see:  

  • An increased business profit by decreasing customer acquisition cost. Referrals from family,  friends and the public because you’re a forerunner in directly supporting our teachers. 
  • An increase in sales form referrals and repeat customers. Teachers that truly benefit from your gratitude will share their experience to friends, family and other teachers. 
  • An increase in business growth through community involvement. When consumers hear about  the support given to their educators they’ll be more driven to support your business. 
  • An Increase in company moral. Saying “Thank You” to those who helped you get where you are today transcends humility and appreciation: two key qualities to instill in your employees 

And most of all - The Success of Giving Back – it’s a great feeling when you see the eyes of appreciation fill with tears of thanks.

-Tyler Anderson

Partnering with I Love Teachers affords businesses the opportunity to grow profitability

  • Increasing business growth through community involvement
  • Increasing sales from referrals and repeat customers
  • Increasing business profit by decreasing customer acquisition cost
  • The joy and good will of saying “Thank You” to those who helped you get where you are today

Immediate Rewards

Teachers connecting directly with businesses will produce immediate results: 

  • Seeing firsthand the rewards of helping others
  • Controlling the benefits being offered in real time
  • Ensuring your donation gets it to the teacher

Additional ROI's

Teachers... are the ones who will sell your business because you put them first:

The TEACHERS, because of your donations, will feel:

  • Appreciated and supported, approved and empowered,
  • Like giving more of themselves to their students/schools,
  • Greater pride in being a teacher,
  • Creating a positive teaching environment
  • Increased confidence.

Your neighbors... are the ones referred to your business by the teachers, and the ones who will refer your next customer:

The COMMUNITY,  because of your donations, will feel:

  • A desire to support the business that supports their teachers,
  • Like contributing to a better education, teachers, business,
  • Rewarded for being part of the solution,
  • A sense of accomplishment,
  • The good will of giving back

How Does I Love Teachers Accomplish This?

Thousands of Teachers nationwide will search for participating businesses that offer benefits to Teachers by way of discounted or donated every day products or services such as:

  • Home and Garden Services
  • Automotive – Repair and Maintenance
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Restaurants
  • Office and School Supplies
  • Financial Services and Support
  • As well as others

Can businesses grow by discounting or donating to Teachers or other worthy causes?

YES! In fact, the success of your business will grow tremendously in ways that can be measured on different platforms such as moral, good will, appreciation, the recognition of achievements of others, and the sense of wellbeing. It simply feels great to help others! All of this when fully backed by all on your team will increase sales while decreasing cost of customer acquisition.

Because it feels great to make a difference!

Today people and businesses alike are skeptical of contributing, due to disbelief and misgiving. I Love Teachers does not donate nor contribute on behalf of any of our business partners. This, in fact, violates our core principle – There is more happiness in giving than receiving – and it does not belong to us to take this rewarding opportunity away from others.

What can you expect from I Love Teachers?

That is: What are we going to do now?

Teachers will feel safe and secure using our site to look for earned benefits. They trust the companies that are used and approved by other Teachers. They receive these benefits directly and feel the overwhelming support. I Love Teachers is not a coupon site, nor a consumer membership reward program. We are not wholesalers; we are their past students who simply want to say THANK YOU. We want Teachers to enjoy the benefits of their sacrifices, love and support.


We’ll connect you with 1000’s of Teachers in your area.


We’ll promote your business to Teachers looking for your product or service.


We’ll provide Store-front signage so teachers, neighbors, families and friends will know who you are, and what you’re doing to help.


We’ll collect honest reviews (it’s your business’ Report Card) from the teachers you support. Unlike other consumer review sites that use some secret algorithm that controls what is said about you – you, the customer, and ILT are able to moderate your success. Your overall grade will be proudly displayed on your listing page and your front page listing for all to see you hard work!


Advertising on the site along with the Use of: ILT logo on your website, with link to your custom page within ILT. It’s okay to share with others how your helping, this builds credibility, confirms your making a difference, and informs the teachers, their family and friends that they’ve found the right place.


Premium Business Listing:

  • Listing for 1 Location (additional listings available)
  • Control Your Offer in Realtime (change it as often as you like)
  • Store Front & Counter Signage (everyone will see & ask)
  • Reviews & Monitoring (validated by business owners)
  • Custom Video for Facbook and Instagram (Optimized)
  • Custom Video for your website (share how awesome you)
  • I Love Teachers Logo for your Website & Print Materials
  • Link From Your Site to I Love Teachers ( credibility & PR)
  • Link To Your Website (for those who want to read more about you)
  • Public Promotions & Campaigns (boosting page/offers)
  • Photo Gallery


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