2019 Back to School Supply Drive

Help Teachers & Students by Donating School Supplies

Back to school shopping is something all parents and teachers sense, and plan for, well before a new year begins.

Children and teens get excited for new clothes, new backpacks, new colored pencils, and more… but parents and many teachers feel the opposite side of that excitement. School supplies and back to school shopping is pricey and stressful! Many families cannot afford to purchase school supplies every year for their children, and teachers make up those costs by giving supplies to the students themselves, using their own money to fund the purchases. You can help teachers and students by donating supplies to the I Love Teachers Back to School Drive. Your donation will help teachers and students have a more successful start to the school year.

I Love Teachers makes donating easy, utilizing an Amazon store, with a list of preloaded school supplies, where purchased items can be sent directly to the school district of choice. You can also help by placing donation in boxes at our local community store fronts.

Our Sponsors

We know our schools need more help that one person can provide, so we have linked up with some amazing sponsors who are giving back in a big way.

Our sponsors provide much needed support via donations and via their unprecedented appreciation for teachers and the education community. Their partnership affords I Love Teachers increased ability to outreach in communities that need our help.

Title Sponsor

Donate Online

We understand that it is not always convenient to go school supply shopping and drop items off to donation locations, so we created an Amazon store to make donating simple and easy. You can shop using our preloaded lists of school supplies and have them delivered directly to the school district linked address or P.O. Box for the area you choose. This way, you can make a difference whether you’re at the office, or at home in your PJs! 

Become a Sponsor

Are you interested in helping teachers and students have a more successful back to school experience?

You can become a sponsor through I Love Teachers and make a huge impact on your local school district. Your partnership with I Love Teachers will let the public know how much you appreciate what teachers and educational support staff do for our youth, while putting your words into action. Learn about the different levels of sponsorship by visiting I Love Teachers’ sponsorship information page.

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