Preventing Lice Outbreaks in the Classroom

Lice Are Just Another Springtime Pest 

As temperatures rise and the inevitable bugs emerge from their homes, one bug that plagues the lives of many teachers, students, and families is lice. Head lice is not just a “people” problem, it is also a pest control problem. The founder of I Love Teachers has over 25 years of pest control experience, which is beneficial in discussing the prevention of outbreaks of lice. Did you know that there are safe, non-toxic ways to get rid of pests, including lice? The team at I love Teachers wants to help you combat lice in your classroom while empowering you in helping the families you interact with.

Keep Heads Safe from Lice Infestations

Although you cannot control what goes on in your student’s homes, there are ways to prevent the spread of lice in your classroom and at school in general.

Follow these guidelines to help prevent the spread of lice:

  • Store children’s hats and coats in individual cubby boxes, seperate bags, or at their desks, preventing cross “contamination”
  • Avoid activities with head to head contact
  • Do not allow students to share items such as combs, brushes, hats, scarves, towels, headphones, or earbuds as this may transfer lice
  • Keep belongings out of common storage areas like closets or hooks

What to Do When You Detect Lice

If lice are already a problem in your classroom or at your school, you may feel helpless. Teachers and school staff can only do so much to prevent lice from spreading, but there are ways that you can help the families of your students. By sharing information, providing tips to help prevent increasing cases, and offering products that might help rid the lice from student’s heads, you are empowered! As you know, knowledge is power, so why not let parents know that you’ve got what they need?

Our team has partnered with Hair Queens to provide teachers with a solution to pass along to parents. Hair Queens utilizes a patented lice and nit comb, paired with natural, essential oil lice repellents in their sprays (much like the ingredients we use to repel bugs at home properties and businesses). 

When you detect lice in your classroom, inform parents of these helpful tips from the lice specialists at Hair Queen:

  • Wash all bedding and towels in hot water
  • Wash all clothes worn prior to lice treatment including jackets, hats, etc.
  • Boil hair brushes or place in a freezer safe bag and freeze for 24 hours
  • If you are unable to wash items, bag them in a sealed bag for 1-2 weeks (or until you are cleared of lice) or put in dryer for 30 minutes on high heat
  • Wipe down bike helmets, headphones, or other items that come into contact with the head with rubbing alcohol or bag for 1-2 weeks
  • Utilize the Hair Queens patented comb, with detailed instructions, and the lice repellant to remove and prevent re-infestation of lice on the child’s head

You Are Not Alone: I Love Teachers Can Help

If lice are an issue at your school, we are here to help you fight the spread from student to student, and to give you the knowledge and tools to help parents of your students. Hair Queens wants to help out the teachers of I Love Teachers by offering a discount for all lice treatment products purchased through the I Love Teacher portal. This not only empowers you as the teacher, but gives parents a way to combat lice at home. Share the info in our blog with friends and families in your community and be an authority in the war against lice!


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