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Advertising Opportunities:

  • Banner & Display Ads on all ILT platforms
  • Sponsorships
  • Email & Newsletter Ads
  • Teacher Job Listings
  • Press Releases

Co-Brand Sponsor

Your Logo & Link on Every Page

  • Your logo in the header above the navigation
  • Large logo placement on the Homepage

Exclusive Leaderboard Ad

  • Top of Homepage
  • Sidebar ads in the benefits section

Email Advertising

  • Logo in our monthly newsletter

This exclusive opportunity is reserved for a select education partner offering a distinctive product or service matched to our teacher members.

It provides the funding critical to sustain and develop resources to meet the growing needs of online teachers. In exchange, provides co-branding and intensive access to a premium marketing channel.

Co-Brand Sponsor: $4999/mon


When you restrict something of value, fraudsters will inevitably try to take advantage of it. Most brands experience discount abuse between 30-35 percent – which ranges from malicious abuse to consumers belief that taking advantage of an exclusive offer is a little “white lie” (e.g. the so-called student who still has an .edu email address though she graduated years ago.)

Logo & Banner Sponsor:

Build affinity and brand by sponsoring the leading teacher website

Build affinity, brand, and SEO by funding the community. Package includes generous placement of logo, link, and advertising message:

Prominent Logo Placement & Banner Ads

  • Large company logo on the homepage
  • 300×600 Sidebar ad in the Teacher Benefits section

Monthly Newsletter

  • Large company logo
  • Square banner ad

Logo & Banner Sponsor:

Link Sponsor

Your Link on Every Page &
Your Link in Monthly Newsletter

  • Your company’s link in
    “Site Sponsors” section
  • Link in “Sponsored by” section in
    site newsletter (20,000 teachers)
  • Free Email blast ($1000 value!)
  • “Welcome our sponsor” Email

Link Sponsor: $99/mon

Build affinity, brand, and SEO by funding the community. Package includes generous placement of logo, link, and advertising message:

  • ♦ Your company logo (88×33) integrated prominently into the website
  • ♦ Your banner ads in all popular sizes (leader, sky, & rectangle)
  • ♦ Email blasts – take full control of the message and backend analysis
  • ♦ Advertorials – your press release published in our newsletter and web magazine

Display Ads & Banner Ads

ROS Banner Ads

Build Brand and Drive Traffic

The workhorse of Internet marketing, banner ads are the most affordable way to build awareness and drive traffic. Reach online teachers for less than a penny per view.

CPM Banner Rates

 $5,000+$2,000+$500+Open Rate
Leaderboard (728×90)    
Skyscraper (160×600)    
Medium Rectangle (300×250)    
Halfpage Banner (300×600)    
Rectangle (180×150)    
Bottom Leader (728×90)

Targeted Ads
(Geo and Channel)

For marketers seeking to reach a defined segment of the teacher population, offers limited targeting opportunities.

Pop-Up Banner Ads

Break through the box with pop-up ads. Interstitials (pop-over/under, lightbox, and leave behinds) represent the ultimate vehicle for building awareness.

Ratecard premiums make these placements more expensive than standard ads, but provide an exclusive opportunity to break through the user’s focus.

Geo-TargetingTarget by geographic region.Open rate + 10%
Channel TargetingGrade level, curriculum, or interest group.Open rate + 10%

Inventory is strictly limited

Due to their intrusive nature, inventory is strictly limited, and marketing partners are subject to approval. For rates, availability, and details, email our sales department today.

Homepage Ads

High Visibility Branding

Target your banner ad to the Homepage, and achieve outstanding branding at affordable rates.

Leaderboard728×90Top of page
Wide Skyscraper160×600Sidebar left (above the fold)
Medium Rectangle300×250Sidebar right (above the fold)
Halfpage Ad300×6000Sidebar right
Small Rectangle180×150Sidebar left
Button120×60Sidebar left
Large Logo125×47Sidebar left
Logo88×33Sidebar left
Bottom Leader728×90Page footer


Teacher's Lounge Ads

Persistence Pays Off…

Chatroom ads deliver a 120 second impression in our live teacher chat room. Rotation is limited to no more than five advertisers. Placements are sold on a monthly basis, not cpm. This sustained messaging provides cost-effective branding, building outstanding awareness for your product or service.

Inventory is strictly limited

Email Blasts

Take Control of Your Marketing Message

Email blasts gives marketers complete control – we send the message, you design the copy, the images, and manage the backend to execute precision marketing communication, measurement, and analysis.

  • Full database: 20,000 subscribers. (May 1, 2017)
  • Costs include list prep and delivery + open and click reporting.
  • Channel & geo-targeting: open rate + $20 CPM. Call for availability.
  • Minimum spend is $250. *Discount on full database only.
  • Technical specifications.
Email Rates
Open Rate$50 CPM (cost per thousand)
Two insertions$45 CPM*
Three insertions$30 CPM
Four or more insertions$25 CPM

Newsletter Marketing

Our weekly newsletter features teacher news, tech, human interest, and articles contributed by our teacher community.

Choose from banner ads in three popular sizes, a stand-out text ad (two lines of copy, logo, & link), or distribute your teacher coupons FREE!

Open Rate2+5+10+
Text Ad$100$75$50$25

Monthly Web Magazine

The “Progress-Report” features articles and commentary on classroom management, career development, educational technology, and other popular topics, and is an outstanding vehicle for promoting educational products and services.

AdvertorialFeature article/camera ready art, from $100Ad Sales
Banner AdsWorkhorse banner ads, from $5cpmAd Sales
SponsorshipLogo, link, & copy on every page of publicationAd Sales
ArticleTeacher submitted article (original or reprint)Editor
Photo/ArtPhotos of classroom decor, art projects, etc.Editor
CouponDistribute your teacher oriented coupons – Free!Editor

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