About Us

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About I Love Teachers

Our Mission

It is our purpose to highlight businesses that recognize and appreciate teachers and educational support staff through discounts on everyday services and products. Our organization brings these appreciative businesses and teachers together in one place.

How We Do It

We introduce teachers to participating local and nationwide businesses that want to express their admiration and appreciation by way of donated or discounted everyday services or products. This allows businesses in your community to put their words into action and say to their teachers – “Thank you for all you’ve done – We owe you so much.”

About Tyler Anderson

He is an affectionate husband, protective father, full-time minister, LASD Chaplain, business owner of No Bugs, Pro Treat, and I Love Teachers, and a proud son to an awesome father who left him many lessons in life to live up to and who loves taking care of his mom. Passionate about helping others and has now turned his attention to Teachers. Believes that giving should be a direct process and not through organizations. That true happiness is achieved when something is given without the expectation of something returned. That a “thank you” and a “please” still mean something. That taking care of our children, who are our future, starts by respecting our elders, educators, and neighbors.


I Love Teachers - The Story

I never set out to start a business dedicated to rewarding teachers…My life was already plenty busy. I was a full-time minister, business owner, husband, father, and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Chaplain. I hadn’t given much thought to the plight of teachers, nor to the massive impact the teachers of my youth had had on me.

No, “I Love Teachers” didn’t start because of me. “I Love Teachers” all started because of a teacher. A teacher I met totally by accident who opened my eyes to all of the heartaches and disadvantages teachers are facing today

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